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We’re a network services company offering IT support to manage and maintain our clients’ IT systems. Now more than ever, computer networking services require ongoing management. Businesses are more frequently choosing to bypass hiring additional in-house IT staff to handle their IT network support systems. If you’re looking for more cost-effective solutions, you should look to outsource your network infrastructure support systems. That’s where we come in.

Through our outsourced network support, we maintain your existing business networks while looking for ways to keep your company up-to-date and running on the latest systems. Our network support services come scaled and priced to your bespoke needs. These services can include but aren’t limited to monitoring, troubleshooting and updating computer networking services. We offer our IT network services to a range of clients, from businesses looking to move to the cloud to schools requiring network IT support. Our engineers offer excellent customer service alongside specialist network support expertise to find the best solutions to your problems.

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Networking Support for Cloud Computing

We can help get your company up and running in the cloud with our network services, allowing you to access your business wherever you go, hassle-free. There are many reasons to ditch your old hosted services. The cloud has a range of advantages from per-user pricing to consistency and data protection. When it comes to the cloud and finding the best solutions to suit your company’s IT network services needs, you have many options. We’ll provide you with both transparent and up-to-date information on the right way to make your most confident and efficient shift to the cloud. Businesses tend to worry about the cost of cloud solutions, but the total cost of ownership is much lower than in-house servers, and there are different cloud solutions depending on where you are in your business journey. Our engineers will advise on whether you need a public, private or hybrid solution and will implement it seamlessly to minimise disruption.

Once on the cloud, you’ll still need network support to ensure things run smoothly. Our relationship is ongoing and we’ll continue to provide all the network IT support you need. You’ll work with consistent engineers and know exactly who’s working on what. That way, you won’t have to re-explain any issues – and more often than not, we’ll know about them before you do. Our outsourced network support will be ongoing and, just like the cloud, will be 24/7 basis.

Every education provider and school should have access to top-notch network IT support. In an ever-changing world, education is moving online. This puts more pressure on the crucial functioning of IT network services. We know how important network support systems are to secondary and primary schools. We’ll provide the vital IT network services that schools deserve.

We know that college, secondary, and primary IT school support have different network requirements. State-run and independent school systems also call for different network support combined services according to different budgets and timetables.

Whether your school needs engineers on-hand to provide IT network support, or you need to downsize, we can bridge any gaps. On our Case Studies page, you can read more about our work with an independent school and how we catered to their required network support services.

We can provide dynamic approaches to IT network services in the education sector, taking into account the unique requirements and challenges of our clients.

Business Network Services

With over 15 years as an IT network services company, we’ve worked with clients across a wide range of industries providing outsourced network support. We work in all capacities – with all sorts of organisations, from large corporations to SMEs as well as schools and charities.

Of course, outsourced network support is still 24/7 – and it includes on-site support when you need it. Say you need an engineer on-site all week long. We can do that. Maybe your business doesn’t need much IT network support on a daily basis. That’s fine too. With our network infrastructure support systems, you’ll have all the on-hand IT support you’d get from a full-time – if not, even more. Because when one of our team’s on leave, another can cover.

If you’d like to learn more about who we’ve helped and the work we do, check out our Case Studies and see how our computer networking services have helped businesses like yours. Read about our Small Business IT Support.

Business Network Support

We’ve been providing business network support to a variety of businesses for over 15 years. We offer bespoke IT support and network support to meet your business’s remote and on-site needs, helping you maintain a reliable, affordable, and secure network. 

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Outsourced IT support services are the way forward in a world of advanced computer networking systems. IT support refers to the services provided to any technology user and saves a lot of time and money compared to in-house staff. There are a lot of fixed costs involved with hiring, training, and developing in-house IT support. You won’t have to worry about any of that with our outsourced IT support services.

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Outsourced Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is crucial to your business, and reduces disruption caused by any system faults or issues. Our NOC (network operations centre) sends us alerts and updates so we can tackle problems before they impact your business.

Outsourced Network Support

We offer outsourced network support depending on your unique needs. Whether you require the installation of new hardware, setting up user accounts, or antivirus protection we will provide the best services to enhance your IT network services.

What our Clients Say

We have had a relationship with TNSC for a number of years now, and we have always found them to be friendly, helpful, flexible and knowledgeable. Their advice is pragmatic and down-to-earth, and they always have our best interests at heart. Our business has grown 300% in three years and TNSC has ensured our IT systems have been able to cope with that growth.- Michael Loftus, Office Gold Ltd
We have recently switched to TNSC for our IT support. We are very pleased with the way they are looking after us, and are very glad we found them.- Tanya MacKenzie, Imprimatur Capital Ltd
We have used TNSC for network support for several years now and have always found them to be friendly, responsive and thorough. Our main server suffered a major hardware failure recently and TNSC worked through the night to help us get back online as quickly as possible.- Peter Gowing, UKOS Plc
We have worked with TNSC for over ten years. Even though we have our own in-house team, we find them very useful for third-line support.- Wayne Giles, Prestige Nursing Ltd
Since TNSC took over IT support for us, our systems have settled down and become far more reliable. We have a very complex environment both in terms of operating system and the specialised applications we run, and TNSC have got to grips with them very quickly. We have now outsourced all of our IT support to them and would recommend them without hesitation.- Andreas Kyriacou, KW Ltd

Our Suppliers

We work with reliable and respected IT partners who offer the most advanced computer networking services. Our relationships with our suppliers help us stay up-to-date with the cutting-edge developments in computer network support services and offer the best prices and solutions. Our partnerships allow us to give our clients the best software and outsourced network support on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Network Support

We know IT network support can be complex. That’s why before we do anything, we’ll meet you to understand exactly how your business is operating. We’ll then map out the best solution and package for you that works with your business priorities and price parameters. 

Network support is everything that keeps your business computer network up-to-date and running. This is important in a world where we’re relying increasingly on our computer networking services.

Hosted services are applications that are accessed from network infrastructure components that are located off-site. This is unlike the cloud which can mostly be accessed and maintained from anywhere. While switching to cloud computing services may be on the horizon for your business, we can also help with the continued maintenance of any hosted services your business uses. Whether you use cloud or hosted, we have you covered.

Outsourced IT support can scale with your business in a way in-house teams can’t. With outsourced support, you’ll have more brainpower to tap into and the economy of scale that IT providers can offer.

The cost of outsourced IT support varies depending on the needs of your business. You tell us more about your requirements and what your budget can manage and we’ll scale our network support systems accordingly. We offer prices based on combined network and day-to-day support services to give you maximum affordability.

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