Global IT manufacturer – 30 users – outsourced IT and consultancy

We were approached by the Finance Director of a global IT manufacturer’s EMEA subsidiary, who felt that the service he was receiving from his current provider was not as attentive as it once had been, despite his repeated requests for things to improve.

We carried out an IT audit that revealed backups failing as often as they worked; failed hard drives in his main storage SAN that had not yet been replaced; and two UPS units with dead batteries. New users were being added to the system in a haphazard manner with software frequently installed or configured in an incorrect or inconsistent manner, and he was being charged vastly inflated prices for hardware and software.

Per-user solution

We drew up a simple and clear per-user pricing agreement; restored all of the equipment to full working order; rebuilt the backup infrastructure and deployed proactive remote monitoring to notify us automatically of failures and other network issues that could threaten downtime. Finally we drew up standard build documents and software install procedures for each different role in his organisation, so that new users could be quickly and consistently set up.

Fully outsourced IT support

As well as providing fully outsourced IT support and management for the past six years to the EMEA users, we have also provided assistance to the US-based global IT services team, diagnosing and rectifying issues outside the EMEA which they were unable to resolve themselves.