Independent school

Several years ago an independent school in the South East of England called us to see if we could help with a difficult situation.
IT infrastructure

Their IT infrastructure was currently being managed internally by a team, who – it was felt – had become increasingly unmanageable, dictatorial and uncooperative. Staff were reluctant to ask for help with IT issues because the response they got was generally very negative and aggressive, and something had to be done. A decision had been made to remove the current IT team, and we were asked to come onsite to provide cover during and immediately after the team’s dismissal.

Regular onsite and remote support

It was a difficult situation and understandably emotions were running high on the day but we were successful in encouraging the outgoing team to work with us and provide all of the information necessary for us to provide interim support, with the result that the school suffered no disruption whatsoever during or after the change. Although the school’s internal IT department has now grown again, we still provide regular onsite and remote support, specialist skills and additional resourcing to cover illness or times of peak load.

Continuing relationship

Our continuing relationship also means that – should such a situation ever occur again – they know they can take whatever action is required without fear of disruption.