Recruitment agency – 65 users – hosted desktops

A very fed-up Managing Director called us to see if we could provide him with a more reliable hosted desktop solution.
Data loss

His current Citrix-based system crashed once or twice a week and every time it crashed, data would be lost and the systems would be unavailable for hours as data was restored from backup. The hosting company was apparently unable to stop this from happening, and after almost a year he had decided that enough was enough.

Private cloud solution

We set the client up with our private cloud hosted desktop service (where each client runs on their own dedicated hardware) and his weekly crashes became a thing of the past. As his business grew he opened up offices in the Middle East, Singapore and the US, which posed a challenge since the physical distances involved would introduce significant delays when accessing desktops hosted in the UK.

Remote desktop servers

We therefore built and installed remote desktop servers in regional datacentres (chosen individually for their proximity and high speed connectivity to each of the local offices) with shared data replication to each local datacentre.

Locally-cached data

This has allowed him to continue reaping the benefits of a hosted remote desktop solution, with fast access to locally-cached copies of this company’s shared data, without any impact on performance. We have since assisted him in gaining Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation for his company – something which is increasingly in demand.

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