State secondary school

Another word-of-mouth recommendation put us in front of a state school whose network manager had just handed in his notice unexpectedly. On top of this, the school was struggling with very old and unreliable systems, coupled with a serious lack of available funding.
Sourced second-hand equipment

Using one of our suppliers we were able to locate some barely-used second-hand equipment that allowed us to replace their ageing server hardware for less than a tenth of its normal retail price. We configured the servers, deployed a free web-based helpdesk and asset monitoring / management system, negotiated a better price for their Internet lines and identified a number of external third party services which they were barely using and which could be terminated and deal with inhouse.

Full-time support engineer

Finally we managed the process of recruiting a full-time internal first-line support engineer on an extremely limited budget, sitting in on every interview and ultimately identifying someone we felt showed significant promise despite having no previous IT background. This member of staff has now grown into the role perfectly and – in conjunction with our ongoing remote and onsite support – enjoys excellent support and up-to-date, reliable, warrantied equipment.