Cloud computing & hosted services

The emergence of virtualisation technologies and fast internet connectivity are fuelling huge growth in cloud – or hosted – computing.

The advantages seem obvious…


No need for massive capital expenditure every few years.

Consistent experience

A consistent experience from any workstation anywhere.

IT knowledge

A reduced demand for in-house IT knowledge and staff.

Per-user pricing

Per-user pricing so you only pay for what you need.

Better protection against common risks

By transferring your data and applications into the cloud, you’re maximising your security against common risks such as internet failures, theft and fire so you have less to worry about. We can help you get set up in the cloud and show you how to use it to its full potential.

When you use our cloud or hosted services, you’ll receive honest advice on what’s best for you, fast and friendly support whenever you need it and the peace of mind that your important data is in safe hands. With something so important it’s essential you have a good team working with you.

Expert Advice

We can advise you on how best to utilise all the cloud has to offer and what systems will work for you. We’ll take into account your budget, company size, future plans and anything else that could affect how you use the cloud and provide you with exactly what you need. We can also provide you with hosted email and hosted desktops from our own data centres where necessary, installed on individual servers that are solely accessed by you to ensure security.

“Private cloud” Solution

Our “private cloud” approach provides the highest possible levels of performance and security, taking all the advantages of regular cloud and hosted computing and leaving the disadvantages behind.