ICT Support for Schools – ICT Services Tailored Education

The education sector has its own specific requirements and challenges that we take into account with our tailored ICT support for schools

Specialist ICT solutions for schools

Specialist School ICT Services

We supply software packages designed specifically for schools and colleges that are reliable and suit the education sectors unique requirements.

ICT Equipment for schools

Our ICT solutions for schools take into account the devices that don’t normally feature in the commercial sector, such as interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Avoidance of downtime is crucial in education ICT systems

As with businesses that sell products online or operate around the clock, it’s a nightmare for schools when their IT system goes down. We provide the best school ICT services, software and support to prevent this from happening.


From sourcing and installing the right software to maintaining your internet connectivity, giving 24/7 support and providing ICT equipment for schools, we offer everything you need for complete ICT infrastructure management.


We understand that our role as an ICT support company for schools is vital. A failing IT system can put pupils’ education at risk, wasting valuable time and leaving teachers and students without the tools they need. This is why we ensure we have a reliable, experienced team who you can trust.

Our Mission is to Provide All Schools with Reliable IT Support

We offer wide-reaching ICT services for schools rather than catering to only one specific area of the educations sector. This is because we believe every school should have access to support they can depend on, regardless of their status, size or budget.


We work with both state and independent schools and colleges, tailoring our services to fit your specific goals and needs. We understand that not every school is the same and work alongside you to make sure we’re delivering the best support for yours.  


Our team have the experience and knowledge to provide support for ICT in primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education that’ll be both reliable and cost-effective. We’ll chat with you about your budget and find software and equipment that you can afford.


We’re lucky enough to have very little staff changes in our team, which is unusual for an ICT support company. This means that you’ll likely be working with the same IT specialists for years to come, giving you the chance to get to know them and us the chance to really get to grips with your school, IT systems and what you need.


We’ve compiled a collection of case studies from our work in the education sector so you can see exactly what we do. Find out the sort of challenges we’ve faced and how we’ve helped schools to overcome them, from sourcing new equipment on very little funding to stepping in with on-site support when a whole team was overhauled.

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