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Modern IT systems keep changing. With new technologies, changing working patterns and endless cyber threats, your network needs ongoing maintenance and management. If you’re looking to grow your business, you need IT systems that don’t just meet your present requirements. You need IT that scales with your company and client base.

Save time and money so you can concentrate on your business

Stay compliant with a fast-changing industry

Hire a whole team rather than an individual

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An IT Outsourcing Provider you can trust

A good IT service provider gives you more than quick fixes. You get long-term advice and IT strategy that’s suited to your internal systems and processes. This helps you plan for the future and reduce operational disruption. The right IT outsourcing services give you peace of mind. They’ll keep your business running as it should while meeting strict standards for data protection and security.

We manage your IT systems so you don’t have to.

Even if you move your IT infrastructure into the cloud, you still need someone to manage it. You can’t leave everything and hope for the best – what if something goes wrong? By outsourcing IT services, you’ll get complete management. We’ll let you know when updates are happening, when we’re running maintenance or when you need to upgrade your software packages and hardware. We’ll have a full view of all your IT systems to save you from piecing everything together yourself.

Benefits of an IT outsourcing services company

When it comes to your IT, you have two options: hiring your own internal staff or outsourcing to a specialist IT support provider like us. If you think hiring your own IT staff will give you more control, think again. Chances are you’ll cost yourself time and money, and add a layer of risk to your business. In our experience, you’ll also end up shelling out for urgent outsourced support down the line.

An IT outsourcing services company saves you time and money

In-house IT staff are completely under your leadership, which means it’s up to you to stay on top of your IT. Do you have the time and expertise to manage and motivate them? Internal staff are also more likely to specialise in specific areas of IT. If you’re an SME, this means you’ll either have to hire a whole team or risk not having all the expertise in house. Or worse, you’ll throw money at problems when they’re urgent and end up with a very high IT bill.

Benefits of outsourcing IT infrastructure

Outsourcing IT support to a specialist provider like us makes a lot of sense. We’ll provide you with our wealth of expertise that draws on over 15 years of experience across a range of industries. You won’t need to worry about sick days, training or general management, and we’ll keep you up-to-date and informed with the latest technologies. It’s a smart and cost-effective solution that’ll ensure that IT is supporting your business in its goals.

Why hire one IT person when you can have a whole team?

Finding the right in-house IT team is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. More than this, it’s hard for one or two people to know everything without having to research a problem themselves. An outsourced IT service gives you the benefit of a whole team of engineers. Solving a problem in-house could cost you hours on google, on the phone or land you with a hefty last-minute call-out fee. Not to mention lost productivity for outages. If you hand the problem over to an outsourced provider, you’ll get a whole team on your side. Support staff, network administrators and IT managers will all work on a problem in minutes.

Stay compliant with network monitoring outsourcing

Security standards are changing all the time, and there are lots of things businesses need to do to keep up. The easiest way is to have an outsourced IT service that ensures you meet standards every step of the way (find out about our IT Auditing Service). We’ll make sure you have a suitable backup and data recovery system. We’ll limit access to sensitive information, and we’ll only work with trusted providers who uphold the strictest standards. Our measures protect your business and data, so staff can’t download dodgy software or leave your business vulnerable. And of course, if disaster strikes, you’ll be confident that your data’s secure and backed up.

A complete technical support outsourcing service, remote or onsite

Whether you need remote-only support or an engineer onsite five days a week, we can provide you with a complete “no grey areas” support agreement. Our support agreements deliver value for money and change your IT infrastructure from an obstacle to a competitive advantage. In fact, unless you have onsite servers going down all the time (in which case, you need our Cloud Computing Hosted Services), there’s little need to have an engineer in the office. The majority of your staff’s IT support needs can be resolved over the phone and with remote desktop clients.


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Benefits of outsourcing IT support

Hiring internal IT staff can be both difficult and risky. It’ll take a big hit on the budget of smaller companies and can be a nightmare for larger corporations. 

If you’re set on an in-house IT team, do you have the systems and processes in place to make sure their knowledge doesn’t disappear with them? Are you covered in the event of sick days or holiday? You might think that everything’s working well because you can access your shared drives and log in, but do you know what’s going on behind the scenes? You need monitoring to ensure your network’s safe and that you’re prepared for any scheduled updates or maintenance.

The cost of outsourcing IT services

Cost varies depending on your business, industry and existing infrastructure. If you don’t want our full IT support service, we’d charge for project time, licences and maintenance. You might need help implementing a one-off cloud migration or disaster recovery solution for example. In this case, we’d work with you to map out a project so you knew exactly what the costs would be from the beginning. If you want an IT support team on hand to answer user queries, we charge a per-seat fee. This ensures everyone in your business is covered by our support engineers. More important than projects and support is financial IT planning. With a complete outsourced IT service, you’ll get expert advice to help you budget for your future IT needs.

Every sector benefits from outsourcing their IT support services

We work across key sectors, so we understand what’s important to different businesses. This means we can pre-empt your IT services before you’re even aware there’s a problem. We know all about the different line-of-business applications that different industries rely on. We can make recommendations in line with your industry to streamline your systems. Our engineers know what it takes to keep you operational – and the cost of downtime to you and your customers.

Outsourcing your Business IT support will save you time and money

You wouldn’t pay an accountant a full-time salary to do your accounts once a year, would you? An outsourced IT service provider has systems in place to offer affordable services. We support thousands of end-users so we can offer you the economy of scale. You also get the full benefit of our IT partnerships with global solutions providers. We’ve already done all the hard work, so there’s no need to risk cutting corners by doing things yourself.

Get business IT outsourcing services that provide real IT leadership

When it comes to IT, leadership is key. You need an IT service provider who keeps up to speed with your business and can pre-empt your needs as you grow. This is about more than fixing computers and ordering hardware. Genuine outsourcing IT providers will take on your strategy and roadmap. They’ll look for holes in your existing infrastructure. They’ll ensure your onboarding processes are smooth, and they’ll help you plan for the future. Real IT leadership means you can focus on the services you offer, not IT issues.

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    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s not an official service as such, but it comes with the territory. We focus on making sure your infrastructure and IT systems are operating smoothly. However, we get a lot of IT support calls that only need a bit of application training and guidance. If a user needs help connecting to a printer, for example, we guide them through the process remotely. That saves them working things out themselves, and means they won’t have to call support the next time.

    In a word: yes. If you have an internal IT contact who understands your systems and carries out onsite work, that can make things easier. We’re able to deal with them directly and work out clear areas of responsibility and escalation. You don’t need in-house IT, but if you already have someone, we can make their job much easier and help you scale quicker.

    We recommend a step-by-step process for outsourcing IT services. Before we do anything, we understand exactly what your business and your users need, and the systems you already rely on. If you’ve been doing it by yourself it’s likely you’ll have a few holes and a few dependencies that make an out-the-box solution unlikely, if not impossible. Some businesses start with the big things – switching to cloud servers or moving all their data to SharePoint. Others focus on one thing to get going, such as onboarding processes. You might want to start with IT support so users always have someone to call for day-to-day issues. While it’s tempting to do everything at once, that could leave you with long-term expenses. We’ll guide you through what makes sense for your business, and work out a plan that reduces risk, error and cost.