IT Support for Schools · IT Services Tailored for Education

When it comes to IT Support Services for schools, we know you need a tailored service. What applies to businesses won’t always work for you.

Schools IT Support to Suit You and Your Business

Get to Know You First

Before anything else, we’ll get to know who you are. We’ll record your IT school support requirements, your current problems, and any limitations you may have to make sure we know what you need.

Tailored Plans

Our team of experienced employees will take into account your precise needs, working to create a school IT systems support plan that works just for you. We’ll adapt what we offer to ensure you’re completely happy.

Don’t Settle for Generic Support

We don’t agree with a ‘one sizes fits all’ approach, particularly when it comes to a school’s IT support. We believe what we provide should be just as individual as your school and the people in it. If you want to find out how we can help you get the specific school computer support you need then get in touch with us today, or to learn more about what we believe in head to our about page.

Our case study with a state secondary school details exactly how we can work with both your unique requirements and frustrating limitations to provide education IT support that’s just right for you. We worked with a school whose network manager had just given notice of their leaving, who had out of date systems and equipment and needed to work within a tight budget.


Services for All

We provide college, secondary and primary IT school support and understand the unique requirements of each.

Across the Sector

Whether you’re state-run or independent, our team have the knowledge and experience you need to provide the right IT services for schools in both sectors.

IT Solutions for Schools that are Available to All

We have the experience to provide IT support for schools and all areas of the education system and the knowledge to pinpoint the differences throughout. If you’re worried that we won’t be able to cater for your school, just drop us an email or call us and we’ll be more than happy to hear your concerns and put you at ease.

Independent School Case Study

Read how we helped out a struggling independent school in our case study. They had just had the unfortunate task of overhauling their whole in-house IT team and desperately needed help to sort out their systems and get back on track, which is when we stepped in to help.

Find out what happened and how it went by clicking on the Case Study button below


Educational IT Tools

In comparison to businesses, schools have very different uses for their ICT equipment. We know this and ensure we provide you with the right tools, from long-lasting projectors to high-tech interactive whiteboards. We can source everything for you and work with your budget.

School Systems and Software

We use our knowledge to provide you with the most reliable, cost-effective and suitable software and system packages available. These make up the backbone of your whole IT sector so it’s important you use our expertise to get exactly what you need.

We Provide You The Tools

With the right equipment, systems and software at your hands, you can be far more certain that you won’t face unexpected problems. We know how much of an issue it can be when the servers go down, and we’ll also be on hand if ever they do to get them up and running in no time. Check out our IT services to find out more of what we can do for you.

On-Site and Off-Site Support

Whether you want us to provide you with the systems you need and then take a back seat and be there to keep things ticking over nicely, or you need us to come on-site and work right by your side just as we did in our independent school case study, we’re happy to do both.

With Friendly and Experienced Staff you are in safe hands

We only hire DBS checked staff who know what they’re doing, so your school’s’ IT support will be in safe hands. We also have almost no staff turnover so you’ll be able to get to know the team you’re working with just as they’ll be able to get to know you, your school and the services you need.

In our grammar school case study, we discovered some unsettling trends in their IT management and systems which were causing issues for both their performance and budget. After a detailed audit, we were able to find the correct solutions to their systems and even promote a member of their staff. 


Committed to Quality

We will only ever provide you with reliable, effective school IT services – never anything less. We comply with the GDPR guidelines as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 and all our staff are dedicated to offering the best available support.

Low-Cost Solutions

We may provide a top-quality service, but that doesn’t mean we’ll take up your whole budget. We look at how much you have available to spend and make sure we give you the best for what you have.

Whatever Your Budget, We Can Supply You with Reliable Support Services

We think that every school should have access to quality IT services no matter how much money they have. We’re passionate about education and think that no child should be at a disadvantage because of their school’s funding, which is why we work with everyone no matter the budget.

After all, some of those students could one day grow up to become revolutionary in the world of IT, so it’s important that we help you give them that chance. Get in touch with us today to let our support help your school.


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