Meet our team

We’re happy to present our expert team

Unlike most other IT support companies, we have virtually no staff turnover. This means that our clients can get to know the engineers here and work with the same people across a number of projects – something that is frequently commented on as being helpful and quite rare.


Our founder and Managing Director, Greg has a degree in Computer Science from Bristol University and started TNSC in 2002 after selling his previous IT business. As a keen paramotorist Greg can often be spotted in the sky dangling from a parachute with a giant fan strapped to his back.


Vicki has been with TNSC since its inception and is responsible for Finance, Logistics and Account Management. She has a degree in Business Information Technology and has worked in IT since 1991. Vicki enjoys pub quizzes and is currently learning to play the ukelele.


Ryan has been with TNSC since its inception and heads up our Education team. Ryan’s hobbies include snowboarding and buying cars he can’t afford.

Tim G

Tim G joined the company in 2005 and looks after the South West clients. Tim enjoys strumming his Stratocaster when he’s not out hiking with his dog.


Danny joined TNSC in 2007 and is our PCI, GDPR and data specialist. Danny likes climbing cliffs, and just in case that’s not dangerous enough he’s currently designing and building his own electric scooter.

Tim B

Tim B started with TNSC in 2005. Along with Tim G he looks after the South West clients. Being ex-Navy he enjoys a game of “Uckers”, and is apparently very good at throwing snake eyes all out.


Luke has been with the company since 2010 and manages the infrastructure for some of our larger clients. He likes snowboarding, rugby and staying insanely fit.


Chris started with TNSC in 2012. As well as being an infrastructure specialist he looks after our hosted services. He is keen on meteorology and has been to Iceland to photograph the Northern Lights. Tornados are next on his list.


Jack started in 2012 and does a lot of on-site support for some of our larger clients. He is a keen Chelsea supporter and when he’s not busy listening to music and eating Jaffa Cakes, he’s at the gym listening to music and burning off Jaffa Cakes.


Tom joined in 2015 and is part of the on-site and remote support teams. He races karts on weekends.


Ben started in 2016 and also works in the on-site and remote support teams. When not seeking out the caffeine that powers him he can be found at the gym or baking things.


Dylan has been with TNSC since 2016 and provides on-site and remote support to our clients. In his spare time he enjoys hurtling down muddy mountain sides on a bicycle.