Services for Education

The education sector has its own specific requirements and challenges that we take into account with our tailored IT support

Education specific IT solutions

Software Packages

We supply software packages designed specifically for schools and colleges that are reliable and suit the education sectors unique requirements.

Education equipment

Our education IT support takes into account the devices that don’t normally feature in the commercial sector, such as interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Avoidance of downtime is crucial in Education IT systems

As with businesses that sell products online or operate around the clock, it’s a nightmare for schools when their IT system goes down. We provide the best service, software and support to prevent this from happening.

State & Independent schools

We work with both state and independent schools, tailoring what we provide to fit their specific goals and budgets.

Cost effective solutions

Our team have the experience and knowledge to provide schools with clever solutions that’ll be both reliable and cost-effective. No matter what the problem, we’ll deliver with fast response times and high-quality service, allowing you to get back on track in no time.


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