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New technologies and software change the way businesses work and the rate they work at, that coupled with the ever-looming threat of cyber-attacks happening at any moment means that your business needs great management and effective maintenance, which is what our Small Business IT Support offers.

Your business’s present requirements may not be what you require a year from now, which is why it’s always important to develop your business around IT systems and hardware that scale with your company, and your customers.

Benefits of hiring TNSC as your IT Support for Small Businesses provider

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No matter what your business size, we are able to provide your company with an expert service that can:

Save time and money, allowing more time to concentrate on expanding

Stay compliant even within a rapidly evolving industry

Be able to hire an entire team of experts in one, rather than just an individual

“We have had a relationship with TNSC for a number of years now, and we have always found them to be friendly, helpful, flexible and have the right knowledge. Their advice is pragmatic and down-to-earth, and they always have our best interests at heart. Our business has grown 300% in three years and TNSC has ensured our IT systems have been able to cope with that growth.”

Testimonial by Michael Loftus of Office Gold Ltd.
More efficient than an in-house team

Technology is a wonderfully complex thing we have all around us in our everyday lives.

Unfortunately though, it can also be expensive and serve as a huge distraction just ensuring it’s working in a productive and efficient manner. Outsourcing your business IT support not only frees up time to focus on other areas of business, but it frees up funding through not needing an in-house IT department to deal with mishaps.

Solving a problem in-house comes with a full range of problems, such as hours lost Googling solutions or even last-minute call-out fees to resolve the issue. Hiring TNSC as your small business IT support provider eradicates this in-house issue and grants your small business access to a team of experienced engineers that display competence and can save time and money.

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How small businesses can benefit from IT support

The vast majority of small companies aren’t afforded the luxury of an endless budget, or even have mass amounts of resources at their disposal.

Employee of The Network Support Company talking with a Small Business giving them IT Support

When faced with this predicament, owners of smaller businesses more often than not find a way to make this work for them and sometimes this approach works, however, quality of output is usually compromised. The importance of having a strong IT support help desk cannot be stressed enough.

It’s understandable that not all small businesses can stretch their budgets enough to be able to afford all of the necessary equipment and servers that they need to operate effectively. Nor can they afford the technical staff required to set up and maintain all of the infrastructures.

This doesn’t mean that small businesses have to settle for subpar IT support and the problems that come with it such as downtime, compliance issues, security issues and other management-related problems.

Just because your business doesn’t have as many resources as larger businesses in your industry, does not mean you have to settle with inadequate IT services. This is where TNSC’s small business IT support can help.

How can your business benefit from our IT Support?

When it comes to running a smaller business, keeping your costs minimal is a major factor towards future success. IT outsourcing converts what would be considered fixed costs (in-house team) into variable costs, allowing you to invest spare funding elsewhere in the business where it matters most.

Avoiding large expenses at the beginning of your business venture is imperative to the growth and survival of your business and through outsourcing, your small business will be able to pump more budget allowance into activities that produce more revenue for you.

When it comes to IT infrastructure within a business, compliance and security are a must for better operational efficiency, they are well known to be two of the toughest areas to manage and hiring in-house specialists to cover these aspects can be costly due to their complexity.

Security threats are constantly evolving and almost every day there is a new exploit found by cyber-criminals that are ready to take advantage of it wherever they can. This is where outsourcing can provide small businesses with the tools they need to keep their systems safe, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a specialist.

All businesses carry a level of risk. Whether it be through markets, governing regulations, finances, technologies or even competition, the rapidly changing aspect of this can create a higher risk for your business, especially smaller businesses just starting out.

The Network Support Company provides IT support for small businesses which assume and manage these risks for you, in most cases we can be considered better at making these decisions on how to avoid risk, due to the collective expertise of our technicians.

Nearly every business has limitations on resources to some extent, more so for smaller businesses and not every manager has the time and attention to devote to specific matters.

Outsourcing to TNSC will help your business in shifting focus from less important activities to work that serves your target audience better, allowing you to set your priorities more clearly.

When you outsource your businesses IT needs, TNSC takes a step back to analyse and understand your specific processes and business goals. TNSC then works with you to customise your IT setup to meet the unique needs of your business and the plans you have for the future. What this does is allows for your business to scale up or down depending on current progress.

Your business deserves to run at its absolute best and there’s a strong case for how our IT support for small businesses can help you achieve that performance level. Our experts here at TNSC provide your business with value through effective IT support coupled with our customised cutting edge technologies that can spearhead your businesses productivity and gain an advantage over your competitors. To find out more about how our IT support services can do this, contact us for your free consultation today.

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Onsite and Remote support for small businesses IT

Our IT support can be provided one of two ways, either we can provide your small business with support provided on a remote working basis, or we can provide you with an onsite engineer five days a week. TNSC delivers value for money and can transform your IT infrastructure from an obstacle to an advantage over your competitors.

In fact, unless you have onsite servers which go down all the time, there’s very little need to even have an onsite engineer as most of your business support needs can be dealt with remotely, with most of your staff’s IT support needs capable of being resolved either over the phone or with RDC (remote desktop clients).

Best IT support for small businesses

The Network Support Company aids small businesses in designing an IT support solution that works best for their business. We are recognised as an industry-leading UK IT provider and our range of professional services can cover your small business needs entirely.

We understand that the needs of small businesses are all different and some smaller businesses may well be more equipped in areas that others are not, however like all small businesses it’s simply not a cost-effective solution to maintain a full-time onsite IT team, or even one employee.

It’s understandable that not all small businesses can stretch their budgets enough to be able to afford all of the necessary equipment and servers that they need to operate effectively. Nor can they afford the technical staff required to set up and maintain all of the infrastructures.

This is where outsourcing IT support especially for smaller businesses plays its part, allowing you the collective expertise of many different technicians to resolve most, if not all, of your business issues.

This is also one of the reasons why it’s not considered a standard and best practice to outsource IT support for smaller-scale businesses, or even moving to a cloud computing-based system that can be managed by an IT company for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Cost of IT support for small businesses uk

    The pricing of IT support packages vary depending on many factors, such as industry, existing infrastructure and even how the companies size. If you aren’t in need of our full range of IT support services then we only price up the costs of project time, licenses and maintenance.

    For example, if you only need help to implement a one-off cloud migration, or disaster recovery solution, you would only be charged for the time used and nothing more. From start to finish we keep everything about the cost of IT support transparent and map out a project at the beginning so you are aware of the total costs.

    However, if you would like IT support technicians for a small business at hand to answer all user queries, we charge on a per-seat basis. This ensures that everyone in your business is covered by our engineers.

    Why Do Small Businesses Need IT Support?

    IT support can come in varying shapes and sizes and it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario here where all you get is someone on the end of a phone line for support.

    An outsourced IT support service for your small business can be rewarding in many ways, from working on the performance and suitability of existing infrastructure to road-mapping the future of your IT infrastructure. We can cover it. The outcome is a fit-for-purpose, managed solution that scales with your business as you grow.

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