Switching IT Providers

Businesses reach a threshold with their existing IT support provider through repeated poor response times, numerous failures, or high costs for obvious skill gaps. This threshold creates a breach in trust between company and client that is usually irreparable. So what’s a business to do when they aren’t happy with their current provider? Switching IT Providers is a daunting task with so much to think about, such as staff productivity and maintaining customer satisfaction. It’s no wonder so many businesses stick with what they currently have, even if it doesn’t work.

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We have good news for you: these stresses can be mitigated with the right partners

As a leading provider of IT support services, TNSC has often come across a number of businesses with bad IT experiences.

We aim to make the entire switching process as simple and as straightforward as possible by tackling the challenges and responsibilities for you.

Unlike other IT support companies, we help our clients develop a roadmap for their IT infrastructure that reflects their business’ short- and long-term needs.

Should I Switch IT Support Providers?

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If you currently employ an IT company to handle all of your technology needs, but your internet connection is constantly dropping and your support technicians take their time to respond, maybe it’s time to switch companies.

After all, you have your own customers to think about; why should you have to focus your time on problems that your current provider should be solving?

If you feel you aren’t getting the most out of your investment, then now is the time to seek an IT support provider that can actually deliver. The team you hire should complement your business’ ambitions and understand the industry in which you’re operating. Needless to say, responding to queries in a timely manner should be the provider’s main priority.

Can I Switch Providers Mid-Way Through a Contract?

Can I Switch Providers Mid-Way Through a Contract?

If you’re asking this question, then it may be worth looking at your current contract. There’s a small chance that your agreement may not allow you to switch before the end of term.

You’re free to hire another company to handle your IT, however, if you choose to go down that route, you may be stuck paying the current support company until your contract expires.

Your existing company is more than likely failing to live up to their agreement, which may allow you to leave early without paying further fees or penalties.

How Easy Is It To Switch IT Support Providers?

How Easy Is It To Switch IT Support Providers?

The process of switching IT support providers could never be simpler. In most cases, your heavy involvement isn’t required and the new provider will make the transition as smooth as possible.

Your new provider will contact your current IT company in order to gain the relevant information needed to access the systems. Most providers also take this chance to find out information about any specific setups or any third-party suppliers the new provider will need to contact.

What to Consider When Switching IT Service Providers?

Before you switch to a new IT support provider, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have a notice period with your current supplier?
  • Are your current invoices up to date?
  • Do you have an ideal timeline?
  • Who owns/controls each aspect of your IT (domain providers, hosting providers, etc.)?
Better insight

Be open with your new provider about what went wrong with your old IT company. Your new provider will gain a better insight into your expectations and can use this information to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Regular updates

While the transition doesn’t usually require your involvement, be sure to ask your new provider for regular updates. Your new IT company should be open about any problems that arise and offer immediate solutions.

Why Should I Switch to TNSC?

We pride ourselves on our quality of service and take great interest in our customers’ businesses. We know that you have multiple things to worry about on a daily basis and the last thing you want to be doing is handling IT-related issues. So, let’s do that for you.

Here are a few ways our IT support technicians can benefit your business:

Pro-Active IT Support

Thanks to the power of proactive monitoring, we can survey multiple aspects of your business on a 24/7 basis, which allows us to flag and fix issues before they become a problem for your network. Sure, fixing problems in a timely manner is great, but what if they didn’t happen, to begin with?

Reliable IT Support Provider

Reliable IT Support Provider that Scales with Your Business

We recognise that businesses are constantly changing, and they need a provider that can change with them. The flexibility of our IT support lets us cover your IT requirements no matter how high you scale.

Some of the IT services include:

  • Network setup and maintenance
  • Security services, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Hardware and software procurement and installation
  • Cloud migration and website assistance
  • On-site, remote, and hybrid IT support plans
  • Global and local IT support

Whether you wish for the occasional half-day engineer visit or 24/7 coverage, our engineers are on hand to keep your IT system’s uptime looking healthy.

Cost-Effective Expertise

Do you have IT challenges that you just don’t have the sufficient in-house resources and capabilities to fix? Switching to TNSC from your current provider can save you valuable time and operational costs.

Fair & Dependable Service

Your business and its operation are valuable to us. We want you to be happy with the service and won’t charge you ruthlessly for time spent on the phone with us. We also like to send the same on-site engineer whenever you need additional local support.

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